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The Ford Escape overflows with technology for 2016

What can a bestselling vehicle do to stay at the top of its game? Maintain that ideal automotive recipe, of course, as well as introduce some trendy technologies and designs into the mix. That's just what Ford does with the 2016 Ford Escape, one of Washington D.C.'s favorite compact SUVs -- or, more accurately, one of the nation's favorites.


For 2016, the Escape keeps up appearances with potent turbocharged engine options, agile handling, comfortable seating and an upscale cabin. But this small hauler also appeals to the tech-savvy crowd with the all-new SYNC® 3 infotainment system

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Why Ford has the advantage in the midsize crossover class with the 2015 Edge

Let's be honest -- that all-terrain SUV you're driving pretty much just stays on the pavement, doesn't it? You bought an off-road-oriented SUV for the space, but you really don't ever venture out of suburbia, and as such the ride quality, efficiency and overall family-friendliness suffers.


How about opting for a more well-mannered crossover as your next new vehicle, one that balances power with efficiency, spaciousness with maneuverability, high-quality materials with a durable construction?

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What happens when the government has its way with the 2015 Ford F-150

There's been a lot of talk surrounding the fully redesigned 2015 Ford F-150, and it's easy to see why.


Of course, the critics always put the latest F-150 under the microscope (since it is America's favorite pickup, but this model year has received particular scrutiny. You've no doubt heard about the F-150's revolutionary military-grade aluminum construction, and you've probably heard all the skepticism, too. Well, needless to say, the automaker of the nation's bestselling truck isn't going to go changing the formula without properly taste-testing it.

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2015 Ford Focus ST hot hatchback sizzles in Washington D.C.

Where is Ford focusing its attention these days? On potent performance, of course. A legacy of muscle cars and workhorses have paved the way for the brand to be able to earn the trust of lead-footed drivers everywhere -- meaning they can turn just about all of their models into performance-oriented variants and the Washington D.C. drivers will scoop them up.


Take the 2015 Ford Focus ST, for example. This hot-hatchback is poised for the last lane with a powerful turbocharged engine and a precise six-speed manual that makes for ultra-sharp handling and a refreshingly engaging ride.

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Ford lets it all hang out in the beefy 2015 Expedition EL

Do you always feel like you need to slim down for summer? Do you jump on that beach-body bandwagon? Needless to say, the 2015 Ford Expedition EL has no idea what we're talking about because this full-size SUV sucks it in for no one.


There is a lot of vehicle, and with that comes a lot of towing and passenger-carrying capabilities. If that's exactly what you're in the market for, then you should be looking at this long-wheelbase EL model. It has all the fixings of the regular Expedition, except it's a bit more spacious.



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Show-pony looks, workhorse skills -- the 2015 Ford F-250

If you're looking for pickup-truck capability with car-like classiness, then you may want to direction your attention to the rugged yet refined 2015 Ford F-250.


Ford's heavy-duty trucks are categorized as Super Duty, and that gives you a pretty good indication of where the F-250's priorities lie. Don't be fooled by this truck's dapper good looks -- it's no show pony. This is a workhorse through and through, with strong payload and towing capacities as well as an expansive array of available equipment as well as a selection of body styles.


If you're interested…

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How the responsive, refined 2015 Ford Edge stays so edgy

You might think there's no fun in being sensible -- that there's nothing really all the enjoyable about opting for the more practical, level-headed choice -- but that's because you haven't driven the 2015 Ford Edge yet.


This five-passenger SUV delivers on all counts -- efficiency, spaciousness, tech-savviness, comfort and road manners -- yet it still manages to make drivers feel like they're driving something a bit racier. Simply put, the Edge handles more like a car than a high-riding SUV, boasting a quiet, controlled, ride. You can also equip the newest Edge with a turbocharged 2.7-liter V6…

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How the 2015 Ford Edge puts the odds in your favor

If you're driving something well-mannered, high-quality and notably efficient like the 2015 Ford Edge, you might just end up feeling like the odds will always be in your favor.

We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by your rowdy children in the backseat or just the sheer amount of drivers on the road. This midsize crossover is equipped to put all the cards in your favor with plenty of passenger room, an…

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Ford hones in its focus on refining the 2015 Focus interior

Ford has refocused its efforts in its latest compact car redesign to give the 2015 Ford Focus a more stylish appearance -- you know, really pack a premium punch into a small sedan. Designers certainly had a condensed canvas to work with, but they used their space wisely.

Everything is intuitively organized and uncluttered, and materials feel and look more expensive than they really are. Superior sound dampening makes for a peaceful cabin, and cubby holes…

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Rock on with the best in Ford summer savings at the Koons Summer Jam Event


We're not interested in making fair trades. We want our Washington D.C. area customers to get the absolute best deal on a nicer, newer car, and if that means making a trade that's truly unreasonable... well, we're willing to do it.

What do we mean by "unfair"? During our Koons Summer Jam Event, buyers can get up to 125% off of Kelley Blue Book for their trade. We're practically giving…

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